Product Details:

Smart Home Connected Children’s Accompany Robots


1. Interaction: Through voice interaction and remote video, not only can you communicate and communicate with your family at any time, but you can also record the wonderful life moments through the camera function;

2, guardianship and companionship: it can monitor and accompany the elderly and children at home, is the patron saint of family life, so that family life is more harmonious and warm;

3. Education: It can help complete the child’s enlightenment education and nighttime stories, bringing children a colorful childhood;

4. Intelligence: It is a smart robot capable of automatic obstacle avoidance, home patrol, self-charging, etc. Based on infrared technology, it can intelligently control the smart home appliances of the family. Life has become so simple and easy, so that you don’t have to take care of it. It cares about it; it is a robot that truly designs and serves people wholeheartedly.

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